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Digital sale

If the buyer has an Estonian, Belgian, LatvianPortugueseFinnish identity card or

Estonian e-residency card and the corresponding software installed in a computer as well as valid PIN codes, a company can be bought as an e-service without coming to Tallinn.

The same applies to the Lithuanian Mobile ID.




Digital sale, i.e. transformation of a limited partnership [usaldusühing = UÜ] to a private limited company [osaühing = OÜ] with a capital of 2508 euros, is conducted in two stages.

  1. The buyer(s) become(s) the limited partner(s) of a limited partnership. This occurs on the next business day at the latest. The seller and the buyer(s) give their first digital signatures.
  1. The limited partnership is transformed to a private limited company to the name of the buyer(s). This occurs within five (5) business days. The business name is changed if necessary. The second digital signature is given.



1 person – 300 €

2 persons – 310 €

3 persons – 320 €


In accordance with Commercial Code of the Republic of Estonia, as from 15.01.2018, all entities with no Estonian residents in their Management board are required to appoint the Contact person (a person competent to receive procedural documents).


As per the law, only a Notary, Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Tax Representative or licensed provider of corporate services can serve as the Contact person.


The contact person bears the responsibility for receiving procedural and other documents from administration bodies of Estonia, and also for sending these documents to address. Data concerning the competent person is entered on the registry card of the company.

The address of the contact person shall be considered as the company‘s address in that case.


Liivikas OU is a licensed provider of corporate services, and has a right to provide services of the contact person

Address service with contact person service for 1 year costs 300 €



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